Crystals are everywhere. Crystals are found on every continent on earth. Crystals lie deep within the earth's bedrock and on its surface, they were created as the result of massive earth changes. Ice is a crystal of water and salt and sugar are crystals. Some crystals are found in meteorites, making them not only the rarest of crystals but also literally from out of this world. Crystals are even in outer space! The smallest crystals are invisible and when a crystal turns up as a kidney stone you painfully realize that crystals are inside of us too! The understanding of crystals is both science and mystery. Ask anyone who has gone hunting for crystals.'s crystals are from miners who dig them up or collect them by hand, or from smaller mining operations. We try to offer something besides the regular commercially mined stuff. Our web crystal collections are constantly changing -- if you don't see something you are looking for right now please come back later or email us.

Himalayan Diamond Quartz