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The beryl Aquamarine is mined in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil and Africa and the USA. The color of aquamarine goes from clear to light sky blue to blue jean blue. The light blue aquamarine cabochons used in our jewelry are from Brazil.

These Terminated Aquamarine Crystal Specimens are from the world renowned Gilgit, and Shigar Pakistan Aquamarine mines. You can tell the difference because the Shigar crystals are brighter and usually bluer. Shigar Valley, northeast of Skardu, Pakistan is noted for its superb, transparent blue aquamarine crystals. Specimen #5988 is a Gilgit Aquamarine Crystal cluster. It has one large main crystal and several smaller crystals with lacquer finish, and all terminated and floating on a matrix of mica crystals. These crystals are gemmy with clean terminations. The color of these aquamarine crystals is clear to light sky blue in color. The aquamarine crystal points in the separate lots are very clear and almost colorless with a hint of sky blue, all with complete terminations, no broken chunks. Good for jewelry and wire wrapping.

Aquamarine Crystal Specimen