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Tourmaline is a multi colored mineral that is mined in various localities. There are tourmaline mines in Brazil, Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan. World class Tourmaline crystals are also found in the USA, most notably in Maine and California. Although Tourmalines are found all over the world, high quality, bright colored tourmaline crystals and cut stones are difficult to find. offers Tourmaline Crystals from Afghanistan, Madagascar, and Brazil; including Sapo tourmaline crystals, and tourmaline crystal specimens and Tourmaline Jewelry. Tourmaline has many names, and there are 14 different minerals in the group; tourmaline is also called schorl (black tourmaline), elbaite (watermelon tourmaline, bi-color tourmaline), indicolite (blue tourmaline), rubellite (red tourmaline) and sometimes quartz has tourmaline crystals included, which is called tourmalinated quartz. Tourmaline is collected as a fine specimen and is also used in jewelry.

tourmaline crystal specimen