Natural Garnet Crystals from China & Russia

Spessartine Garnet is named after the Spessart Mountains in Bavaria, Germany. This locality is noted for this form of garnet which is usually red-orange in color.

We were lucky to find these fantastic Spessartine Garnet on Smoky Quartz & Feldspar specimens from China. The finest Spessartine Garnet / Smoky Quartz crystal combination specimens have dozens of red-orange gemmy garnet crystals growing on and inside clear smoky quartz points. Some of the quartz crystals have garnet crystals completely trapped inside which can be clearly seen.

spessartine garnet

Uvarovite is a form of garnet. The examples here are from the Ural Mountains of Russia. Each one of these Uvarovite specimens is composed of hundreds of tiny crystals (drusy) on a matrix of darker stone. The Garnet is green because of the presence of chromium, which makes Emeralds this particular shade of green. The Uvarovite crystals shimmer when light crosses the surface.

This is a beautiful example of a rare Russian mineral for your collection! Mineral specimens of Uvarovite with such exceptional brilliance and color are unusual.