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For the first time we are offering detailed instruction for wire wrapping a Herkimer Diamond Pendant on this page below.

This technique can be adapted to wire wrapping a cabochon also.

Enjoy yourself and Good Luck!

wire wrap a herkimer diamond!

sizing Begin with a stone that is about 20 x 30 millimeters and at least a 75 centimeter coil of 20-24 gauge medium soft sterling silver wire. Make a loop of wire around the stone as shown to get the approximate length. You don't need to be exact yet.

lengths Cut 5 pieces of the 20-24 gauge medium soft sterling silver wire into this length.

tape the wires together Tape the wires flat and tight together side by side as shown. Only tape around the very ends of the wires.

hook Cut 4 smaller lengths of wire (roughly 7 centimeters long.) Bend each of these wires into a hook to wrap around the wire frame. The hook part should be slightly shorter than the width of the wire frame. The ends will be trimmed later if necessary.

bunch Wrap together the taped together frame wires with the smaller hooked wires. Hold the bunched together wires with the hooks to form a frame.

wrap the bunch Wrap this wire twice around the bunched wires. Wrap the hooked wire around the bunched wires as tightly as possible. This is where having the wires taped together helps until you get comfortable with this.

finished wrap Wrap around the frame wires, making sure the ends of these smaller wires finish on the same side of the bunch. Clip off the left over ends of the hooked wire as closely as possible without damaging the frame.

dowel Repeat the last step three more times, making sure that the wraps are evenly spaced along around the frame (depending on the size of the crystal). Then wrap the entire wire frame around a circular dowel slightly smaller than the size of the crystal to form it into a circular shape.

hold Wrap it tightly on this dowel and hold it for at least a few seconds to form the shape. Depending on the hardness of the wire, it will spring back a little so keep this in mind when you size the stone...

form Make sure the smaller wraps stay evenly spaced apart. They tend to slip out of position.

fit the herk Fit the Herkimer Diamond Crystal into the wire frame, opening or tightening it a little if necessary. Mark wher the frame intersects at the top.

bend frame Where the wire frame crosses, bend the wire frame at a hard angle as shown.

repeat Bend the other side of the frame and make another wire hook wide enough to fit around both frame sides (with the gap twice as thick as the other hooks).

tie frame together Use this hook to wrap the wire frame together as shown. Then remove the tape.

cut the ends Cut the ends of the frame wires to various lengths (app.2 - 3 centimeters).

curl tight spirals Curl the ends each wire ending into a tight spiral as shown.

bend outer strands Bend the outer strands of the frame wires inward as shown. Later you can tighten these wire further, just make sure the space created is small enough to hold the crystal.

repeat + alternate Set the Herkimer Diamond in place and repeat each other side tightly, alternating sides, until the crystal sits firmly in place.

bale twisting Form a bale. When the Herkimer is tightly in place use the needle nose pliers and simultaneously pull and twist the wires at the top center point of the frame. (Not the side with spiralled endings) Twist 90 degrees using the round shape of the pliers to form a bale large enough for a chain. This should also serve to tighten the wrap further.

Herkimer Diamond Pendant The finished Herkimer Diamond pendant.

wire hoop Make a wire necklace to wear the pendant: Start with a length of wire about 7 - 10 centmeters longer than the desired length.

make a loop Make a round loop with the round part of the needlenose pliers on one end and twist the wire around itself 3 or 4 times. Then cut this end off close. Make a smaller loop and attach a clasp to the other end with the same twisting finish and you are done!

Herkimer Diamond Pendant with Sterling Silver Hoop voila!

finished piece Closeup of the Herkimer Diamond Pendant with sterling silver wire necklace.