Shamanite Jewelry

In 2005,a rare deposit of unusual Black Calcite, Shamanite, was discovered on privately-owned remote alpine property in the Rocky Mountains. After a year of careful geological research, this is now the only known deposit throughout the entire Rocky Mountain range and North America. The landowner has agreed to release small amounts of Shamanite in exchange for anonymity and maintaining secrecy about his ranch location, for obvious reasons. Local Ancestral Puebloan cultures appear to have employed this Black Calcite/Shamanite in place of Jet or Obsidian for ceremonial carvings, amulets and bead jewelry. Verifying analysis of known Pre-Columbian artifacts from the Southwest is underway as of Autumn 2007. In one known case, a 1920s Indian trader erroneously tagged this rare material Shamanite as "Jet", because of the natural appearance, ease of carving and lustrous black color. While Jet can be found in many areas of the Southwest and Canada, Shamanite/North American Black Calcite is very rare and sourced only at the alpine site.

-courtesy Mt. Mark Trading


shamanite Jewlery