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Tektites only come from meteorite impact sites and * Moldavite only comes from the Czech Republic. The moldavite fields outside the village of Chlum, the Czech Republic produce many of the moldavites large enough to carve. These carvings are crafted from moldavites that were selected for their color; which at its best is cool, translucent, bluish-green. The size of this rough moldavite is also an important consideration. Larger pieces of rough moldavite are needed for the carvings because on average over two thirds of the weight of the original moldavite is lost in the carving process. We use only the broken or extremely weathered moldavite for carvings. All of the moldavite carvings we offer here are delicately hand crafted in Bali by skilled artisans. The most intricately carved moldavites can take up to 40 hours of carving time. All moldavite has natural bubble inclusions which increases the difficulty of cutting and polishing these miniature works of art.

Originally, 'Elf' was used to describe all kinds of fairies, especially tiny humans. Elves are often described as mischievious. They live in forests and woods. Some elves live in the North Pole, where they are known as Santa's helpers making toys. Elves are well known for their poetry, dance, song, and magical arts. When danger threatens them elves reveal a more martial side, exhibiting skill in battle.
moldavite carving