Muonionalusta biggy

Muonionalusta Meteorite hunting

In 1906 in a small town a few hours drive north of the Arctic circle a man found a lump of metal. This lump was later classified as a meteorite. Since that time, in this remote area on the border of Sweden and Finland more of these nickel iron meteorites have turned up over the years. They have been moved around over the past 800,00 years by glacial activity so they can turn up in unexpected places. In the summer of 2006 near the town of Kitkiojarvi, Sweden, this meteorite was unearthed. Here are some photographs from that meteorite hunting trip. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Polar Sky Woodsman


Score! Score!


Muonionalusta near Kitkiojarvi, Sweden

photos ©2006 Richard H. Bolger