Meteorites are stone or metal remnants of asteroids or comets that have fallen from the sky. A Meteorite falling to earth is not unusual, but a witnessed meteorite falling is a rare event. Many times the impact and heat of a Meteor strike have been so intense that Impactites or Tektites were produced by these cataclysmic events.

An Impactite is usually slag-like or glassy, and is probably formed from rock or sand melted by the impact of a meteor. Although it is caused by a meteor impact it is not considered extraterrestial in origin, just an earthly record of the event. Libyan Desert Glass Impactites are 98% Silica, thought to be molten sandstone.

Tektites are an extraterrestial/earthly combination of material from the impact site and part of the molten meteor fused together into a glassy form. The tektite Moldavite is a good example.

The two items are so close that we combined the listings on this page.

Libyan Desert Glass Impactite