Boji® Alive Stones

Boji® Alive Stones are only from Kansas.

BEWARE -- During some Auctions on Ebay in 2004-2005 and also on other sites on the internet there are unscrupulous dealers selling substitutes for Boji® Alive Stones (and calling them Boji® Alive Stones). These are not Boji® Alive Stones, this is a fraud. Some of the stones that were sold as Boji® Alive Stones are pyrite balls from China or pop rocks* from Kansas. If you were one of the unwitting customers or victims of this fraud, please do not pass them on to your customers as Boji® Alive Stones.

Kansas Pop Rocks are an iron ore concretion. Because of defects in the stone and its energy, they are Boji® Inc.'s rejects. Pop rocks are excellent for plants, but we do not recommend them for the human body.

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