Chiapas Red Amber

This Natural Amber is from Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas Amber usually has deep red to cognac color. It sometimes exhibits a green sheen in direct sunlight and will fluoresce under a black light. Chiapas Amber, a.k.a. Mayan Red Amber is extremely rare and difficult to mine. This extraordinary red amber is only found in Chiapas, Mexico. Rare examples of this amber have a blue sheen. This amber was still sap in the Miocene era, specifically the Oligocene era, 23.8 to 33.7 Million years ago. The tree that produced this is the leguminous Hymenaea courbaril, a close relative of the Hymenaea tree which produced the Dominican variety. Sometimes bugs, dirt, or leaf matter was trapped in the sap and fossilised inside of the amber.

This Natural Copal is from Cap D'Ambre, Madagascar. Copal is a form of amber. It is not quite as hard or old as amber. Madagascar Copal has cognac red to pale yellow color and every color in between. There are often interesting inclusions such as spiders and mosquitoes and other bugs. Madagscar Copal can vary in age from a couple of thousand years to one million years old. It is great study material for budding paleontologists.